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'Bite Force' shocks 'Tombstone' to win BattleBots final

"Tombstone" was the dominant robot all season on BattleBots, but "Bite Force" proved to be its nemesis. The final went to decision, but the reality of the fight was clear long before the umpires made a choice --  Bite Force is your BattleBots champion for 2015.

Bite Force's strength was in its defense and driving. Staying away from Tombstone's spinning blade allowed it to dance around the less mobile robot and striking effectively. It wasn't long before damages from the semifinals began to show, and Tombstone began smoking. Its batteries had blown, and the spinner was rendered inert.


From there it was all academic. Tombstone's crew tried to ram and do what damage it could, but the lack of the spinner was too much to overcome. It was a disappointing end for a robot that looked so unstoppable throughout each round prior to the finals.

Bite Force took home "The Giant Nut" and we wait for ABC to make the obvious decision to renew BattleBots so we can do this all next year.