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Kanye West's mic failed at the Pan Am games so he chucked it and left the stage

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Kanye West was one of several performers to take the stage at the Pan Am Games closing ceremonies Sunday night. Some Canadians were pretty mad that was going to happen because West isn't Canadian, but by most accounts it was a great, simple medley set lasting over 10 minutes. One problem:

While Kanye was doing "Good Life," his sound cut out -- in the stadium, but evidently not on the broadcast. So what appeared on TV like West fishing a pretty gentle, upbeat song by heaving his mic in the air appeared to almost 40,000 people in the crowd like West dancing silently for a minute before heaving his mic in the air.

So, it was a rough, confusing end to what was otherwise a well-received performance -- some reviews don't even mention the mic stuff!

(h/t @cjzero)


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