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John Oliver will not rest until FIFA is a pile of dust

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver attacked media darlings FIFA, Sepp Blatter, Vladimir Putin and McDonald's in last night's show.

Oliver points to what he calls "a much larger problem" in many FIFA officials' seeming inability to predict how their actions will be perceived, who in the last week have appeared side by side with Russian President Vladimir Putin and paid bail with a combination of Rolex watches and a Ferrari.

Oliver also reveled in the flight of FIFA's sponsors. Recent departures include Visa, InBev, and McDonald's.

"You know your organization is in trouble when McDonald’s says it is 'not satisfied,'" said Oliver. "This is coming from the maker of grayish brown meat circles, tiny condensed chicken mistakes, and, once a year, shamrock shakes, AKA a leprechaun’s diarrhea."

Oliver previously ate a platter of McDonald's products to celebrate the burger chain rescinding its sponsorship of FIFA. He referred to it as "a disgusting mess."

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