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10 important things we learned from LeBron James' Twitter Q&A

LeBron James held a Twitter Q&A for an hour on Tuesday during which he answered 40 questions. Some were fun, some were James continuing to be a good spokesperson and working in a plug. Others were a bit odd. Here are the 10 most important things we learned.

LeBron James is a giant tease and Space Jam 2 may or may not be a thing:

There have already been signs James could do Space Jam 2, including him inking a deal with Warner Bros. The same Warner Bros that recently renewed trademarks for Space Jam. LeBron could have been cool and told us all, but no.

LeBron James has pretty good comebacks:

After consulting the record books, we can confirm this is a fact. LeBron's teams have won 719 of the 1089 regular season and playoff games he's appeared in. In your face, @kylepronick2.

LeBron James is not going to try and play in the NFL:

Any dreams NFL coaches had of a freakishly athletic 6'8 wide receiver just died. Good call by LeBron though; guaranteed money and more than $20 million per year in the NBA is the way to go. That and the whole "being the best player on the planet" thing.

LeBron James' list of favorite movies include one he was in:

In his defense, Trainwreck has an 85 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so a lot of people like it.

LeBron James keeps Lakers and Knicks fans dreaming:

LeBron likes to play in New York and Los Angeles! LeBron keeps signing one-year deals and could leave Cleveland any time! The dream will never die.

LeBron James will send you a new car loaded with cash if you ask nicely*:

*Okay maybe not actually, but that would be pretty cool.

LeBron James considers Kevin Love one of his favorite teammates:

So much for the rumored animosity between Love and James. Unless this is just another Jedi Twitter mind trick from LeBron like the time he subtweeted Love last season.

LeBron James knows not to challenge Ronda Rousey:

That's just smart, really.

LeBron James will accept your free lunch invitation:

Who wouldn't?

LeBron James shows appreciation for others with random hashtags:


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