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Instead of music, the Marlins played fart sounds during Nationals batting practice

No, really.

If you've ever attended batting practice at a MLB stadium, you probably heard loud music blaring through the stadium sound system, just like you would at any NFL or NBA game. If you watched the Nationals batting practice in Miami on Wednesday, you heard something a little different.

Yup, that's right. Instead of playing music while the Nats took BP, the Marlins decided to let some fart noises fly. Maybe they were real farts, we will never know. Either way, they were so loud they even echoed! Seriously, that isn't a fake video.

Later, after the farting had commenced, the Marlins sound team took a different strategy.

Fart sounds and Kenny G style music. That's how the Marlins roll.

The Nationals eventually tried to solve the problem by bringing a portable speaker from the clubhouse and putting it next to the batting cage.

The only question now is whether playing fart sounds during an opponents batting practice is against the many unwritten rules of baseball.