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Good guy David Lee said goodbye to Warriors employees with Chipotle

Warriors social media coordinator Julie Phayer tweeted that, before leaving for the Celtics, David Lee treated Golden State staff to a BURRITO GOODBYE.

This news has circulated the sports Internet, but here's a scoop: David Lee pays up for guac.

At any rate, this reminded me of a tweet that I think about daily.

Right?! Here is a map of establishments that comes up for "bowls" on Foursquare within ~10-minute walk from where I am right now in Washington, D.C.

If you work in a cube farm, could times be better? Pretty much whatever kind of food you want to eat for lunch, you can get in bowl form to shovel into your face without breaking eye contact with your computer. The food is pretty good, too!

Anyway, David Lee seems like a nice guy.