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Jets fans hired a plane to fly a 'CHEATERS' banner over Patriots training camp

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During the Patriots' training camp -- which featured a crowd stampede that could rival Jumanji -- a plane flew over the camp that read "CHEATERS LOOK UP! @ JETSFANMEDIA." Yes, that plane was hired by the people behind this Twitter account, and they've been re-tweeting everyone who found this hilarious:

It's also worth mentioning that fans of different teams are really into this prank, like this Baltimore fan:

... and this Browns fan:

... and this Bears fan:

It seems like the rest of the NFL is against the Patriots. But every team has their own problems -- especially the Jets -- so it only seems fair that the Pats get their own flying vehicle and their own banner that makes fun of the Jets.

We here at SB Nation wrote some ideas for what the Patriots' plane banner would say:

  • "Would you like tix to the Super Bowl? Only way you'll get to go!"
  • "A Jets Superbowl: 47 years and counting..."
  • "Who are the Jets?"
  • "Is Geno Smith elite?"
  • "At least you don’t have a Schottenheimer anymore"
  • "Congrats on the 1969 Super Bowl Championship"
  • "You are the Jets"

Finally, this blimp that has the Butt Fumble on the side of it:

(h/t @JetsFanMedia)