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The Mets' hilariously bad 24 hours somehow just got worse

The New York Mets were one out from a win against the Padres on Thursday. Then it started raining.

When play resumed, this happened.

This is what that looks like, statistically.

Then, a second rain delay! The Citi Field grounds crew struggled to get the tarp.

So, to recap 24 hours of #LOLMets: The Mets tried to trade for Carlos Gomez, let the player they were sending to Milwaukee CRY ON THE FIELD while the trade was being reported, lost that game, had the trade fall apart and blew a two-out ninth-inning lead with help from Mother Nature.

Then after rain delays of 172 minutes and then another 44 minutes, the Mets were set down in the ninth inning, completing their loss to the Padres.

Let's check in with Mr. Met ...