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Kendrys Morales avoids a sure out with an incredible slide into home plate


In early July, Anthony Rizzo pulled off what we all thought was going to be the slide of the year. He was for sure out, only then he wasn't. It was incredible.

That was it. Slide of the Year. Competition closed. Or so we thought. Then on Friday, Kendrys Morales did this.

Rizzo changed the sliding game, but Morales took it to a whole new level. The slide was so good, it not only surprised the announcers, but it completely bamboozled Russell Martin (a veteran catcher) and left him laying on the ground looking like he'd just woke up and didn't know where he was.

Look at this, there is just no way Morales should be safe. Zero. None.


It's not like the 6'1, 225-pound Morales is the most agile player in the league either. If he can pull that slide off, what can't he do?

Here is a short list of things we're now convinced Morales can accomplish with his ninja skills:

  • Walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night with no lights and not stub his toe.
  • Sneeze while keeping his eyes open.
  • Open impossible plastic packaging with ease.
  • Put a straw in a Capri Sun without spilling a drop.
  • Calculate the old BCS formula in his head.
  • Understand what actually counts as a catch in the NFL.
  • Ask a question that provokes a long, detailed answer from Gregg Popovich during a sideline interview.
This was a MUCH better way to reach home plate than the time Morales jumped on home plate to celebrate a walk-off home run and broke his ankle. Always slide, Kendrys, you're awesome at it.