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Newspaper reader sends in worst possible suggestions for fixing the NBA

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The NBA is not without its flaws, and there are plenty of changes that could be made to improve it. None of the things this newspaper reader lists are among those possible changes.

So, our friend Tom thinks basketball players have finally gotten too tall to play on a 10-foot rim, which makes sense because there has never been a tall basketball player in the NBA until the last five years or so.

Another strong point by our friend Tom is that the NBA needs to bring back quality outside shooting. I, for one, agree here. I can't remember the last time there was a decent three-point shooter in the NBA.

Let alone a team full of players who could knock down shots from the outside.

I'm with Todd. The NBA needs more players like the Steph Currys and 6'3 Kareem Abdul-Jabaars of old. Without players like that, the league will never be fun again.

Hopefully Adam Silver can fix it before it's too late.


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