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Nick Young says Blake Griffin is 'too beige' to be in the new 'Space Jam'

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When it comes to things you probably shouldn't say, Nick "Swaggy P" Young takes the cake.

It all begins with Space Jam. This cartoon classic originally starred Michael Jordan, and now a sequel is rumored to be made. Just don't go bother casting Blake Griffin in it, because according to Swaggy P, Griffin is simply "too beige."

"I give it to Blake, he can act. But he's too beige (to play Michael Jordan)," Young said. "He got to play like a Charles Barkley role."

EEP! That's not very nice, Swaggy! Poor Charles :(

Swaggy P then goes on to add:

"I think I should be one of the enemies, instead of Monstars, be like Swag Stars and we taking over... I want to be the enemy. I'm like the Joker."


Swaggy also went on to say he believes the main part should be going to LeBron James. Good news is at least he can approve of someone other than himself!



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