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Zoo bear smashes glass in front of famous NBA heckler

If you're a Wizards (née Bullets) fan, you're most likely familiar with Robin Ficker. He is said to be "one of the greatest hecklers in sports history," to the point where he got hired by Charles Barkley to annoy the Chicago Bulls during the 1993 NBA Finals.

Well, Ficker was visiting the Minnesota Zoo and experienced a really scary moment involving an angry bear throwing a rock, according to the Star Tribune:

A grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley picked up a basketball-sized rock with both front paws Monday morning and repeatedly slammed it into a pane of glass, shattering the barrier as startled patrons stood on the other side.

Robin Ficker, a visitor from Maryland, said he was watching "the bears wrestling with each other and looking at the people" shortly after the zoo opened at 9 a.m. Then one of the animals "picked up from the bottom of the pool a rock that had to weigh 50 pounds. And while many people were standing there, he slammed it against the glass several times," Ficker said.

Here's Ficker talking about witnessing the incident:

(via KMSP-TV)

And here's Ficker's photo of the damage:

One of the 3 huge grizzly bears in the Minnesota Zoo picked up a 50 lb rock in the pool next to the spectator glass...

Posted by Robin Ficker on Monday, July 6, 2015

Thankfully, no one was harmed by the bear, since the glass pane had five layers and held together "like a windshield," according to Tony Fisher, the zoo's animal collections manager.

Ficker doesn't heckle at basketball games anymore -- not for respect or moral purposes, but because they took away his seats -- but you can't help but imagine him heckling a bear. Because once you heckle Michael Jordan in your lifetime, you gotta go big.



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