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Angry mailman tears down a Tour de France fence for interrupting his route

Over the weekend, a mailman was angry that the Tour de France was in the way of his mail route. Fair warning, there's some strong language in the video:

According to the Washington Post:

On Saturday, during the first stage of this year’s three-week race, a postman in Utrecht went berserk after learning the race route blocked his way. After lifting his own bike and two bags of what he described was full of "80 kilos of post" over the police barricade, he decided to tear the fence down to get by.

Even though his employer was not happy with this incident, he's still keeping his job:

"Our employees have been working for days in the heat, with jobs a complex traffic situation," a PostNL spokesperson told RTV Utrecht (via Australia’s 9 News). "Moreover, this man had taken extra work of his colleagues, in addition to his own route and he was already 20 minutes on the detour."

Okay, maybe his anger was justified, but he probably could've handled it in a calmer way than this. You know, like not threatening to punch people in the mouth, for example.

(via The Washington Post)

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