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Drake makes tennis friends and removes his sweatshirt: A photo essay

Drake went to Wimbledon because Drake likes tennis. Wimbledon is a good place to go if you enjoy tennis. He traveled because he's a Serena Williams fan. Well, he's actually a Venus Williams fan --  but when she lost it became apparent he was a Serena Williams fan. While walking around Drake realized he was wearing a sweatshirt, and that was too hot! Suddenly Novak Djokovic appeared.

Novak in the cut.

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Drake likes Novak a lot. After all, he's a Novak Djokovic fan -- but he was too hot to smile. That made Drake sad. Something had to change. He couldn't go on like this. So Drake took off his sweatshirt and tied it around his neck to cool down -- but as soon as he did ... there was John McEnroe!

Johnny Mack!!!

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Drake had wanted a photo with John McEnroe for a long time, because Drake is a John McEnroe fan. Sadly he was still too hot from his sweatshirt and couldn't smile.

Drake was crestfallen. A friend brought him a cold beverage to cheer him up.

@kaibentlee1 with the Wimbledon package

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This helped Drake a lot. He's a fan of cold beverages. He returned to the lawn where he met ... Billie Jean King!

DRAKE SMILED! It was because he was hot all along! Now he could enjoy the company of Billie Jean King and get a lovely photo. Drake was happy, because he's a Billie Jean king fan. Everything was right with the world and Drake could now enjoy tennis.

The End


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