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J.J. Redick changes Clippers grade from 'F' to 'A+' with DeAndre Jordan back

Update: Not so fast. DeAndre Jordan changes his mind and is officially still a Clipper. Redick changed his grade accordingly.


Sometimes you see something transcribed and it seems like it might have been exaggerated or taken out of context, but ... nope, J.J. Redick really went ahead and dumped on the Clippers offseason on Bleacher Report radio with host Nicole Zaloumis:

Zaloumis: How do you feel the Clippers have done?

Redick: F. Is there an F minus? [He'd already said "F" twice while she was talking]

Zaloumis: Is that possible? An F-minus. Wow.

Redick: We had one priority this summer, and that was to resign D.J., and we missed out on that, so barring some miracle, you know, our makeup of our team is completely different now.

Redick goes on to explain Jordan's massive value on both ends of the floor.

You can listen to it here:

He's got a point, and he's right to be disappointed, but you rarely hear a player fret this openly about his team's moves. It's not like the Clippers lost Jordan on purpose -- he just chose Dallas over L.A. -- but this indicates how disappointed his old teammates are to have lost him.

(Meanwhile, the Clippers made some actual additions this summer, but I can understand why the loss of Jordan would overshadow all that stuff in Redick's mind.)