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J.J. Watt and Zach Mettenberger are fighting over selfies again, might be in high school

J.J. Watt and Zach Mettenbrger are fighting about selfies again, while assuming each other of being teenagers. There's so much irony the world may collapse in on itself. Last year Mettenberger took a selfie, which Watt mocked -- now this.

"J.J. had to say it's a bit high school-ish that I take selfies, and I think he still rags me on Instagram every time he posts a selfie," Mettenberger said on Tuesday, via The Houston Chronicle. "At the same time, if that's high school-ish, he got a letterman jacket made, a Texans letterman jacket. That's pretty high school-ish to me, don't you think?"

We learned that you NEVER insult J.J. Watt's letterman jacket.

Except ... you kinda just tweeted about all this, J.J. Obviously you care a little.