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The complete history of Coach K's undying devotion to Beyonce


Michael William "Mike" Krzyzewski is born in Chicago


Michael William "Mike" Krzyzewski feels like he's 13 for the first time.


He does some basketball stuff.


It's unclear precisely when Coach K became aware of Beyonce's existence as a God walking on earth, but it's somewhere around this time. We know this because his playlist on included "Listen" and he said the following:

"I have become a huge fan of Beyonce and of the movie, Dreamgirls. I am so impressed by the performances in that movie including this one by Beyonce."


Coach K does more basketball stuff WHILE listening to Beyonce.


Krzyzewski professes his love for Queen Bey while speaking to Duke students and gleefully tells a story about meeting her.


Coach K carries his candle for Beyonce. Never wavering, always there. He also does some basketball stuff.


Mike Krzyzewski tells us about the time he met Beyonce. The magical experience. What it was like to feel 13 again ... like he did in 1961 -- before Beyonce was born.

"I said ‘I'm Coach K' and she says ‘I just heard you speak for 10 minutes. I know who you are.' So I felt like 13, and then I asked her — something I hardly ever ask anyone to do — would you please take a picture with me?"

coach k


CBS Sports polls coaches in the NCAA tournament to find out their favorite musicians. Guess what?


Keep on keeping on, Coach K.