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The Hartford Yard Goats have a logo. With a goat!

We still have to wait until next year to see the Yard Goats, but we can see what their logo looks like now.

The New Britain Rock Cats were the Double-A franchise of the Twins last year, but they switched over to the Rockies' organization for 2015. The new parent team's first order of business? Planning a move to Hartford, and then hosting a vote to pick a new name, which would eventually -- with a little insistence on our end -- be the Yard Goats.

They won't start playing as the Yard Goats until the 2016 season, but don't worry. You can see their interpretation of a yard goat right now, in logo form, courtesy Uni Watch's Paul Lukas:

Hey now, the goat isn't mad, just chewing on a baseball bat, anticipating the start of the Yard Goats' inaugural season just like the rest of us.

A nifty little touch for Hartford's new sports team: the Yard Goats will have the blue and green of the departed Hartford Whalers. Hey, it's not the same sport, nor is it a major-league franchise, but it's a way to live on besides retro hats and Mallrats quotes.

Apparently you can purchase gear with the logo on it right now. Cal Ripken already did!