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Mark Cuban addresses DeAndre Jordan freeze-out on his crappy social media app no one uses

Thank you to ESPN's Tim MacMahon for being the one person on Earth who checked Mark Cuban's social media app to find a note from Cubes himself about the DeAndre Jordan fiasco:

So, the takeaways from that:

1. The reports were true: DeAndre Jordan screened all calls from the Mavericks over a matter of days while changing his mind.

2. When the time is right, Cuban's gonna unleash some fury.

3. Wes Matthews, who some suspected might follow DeAndre's about-face out of Dallas, is still going to sign with the Mavericks as expected.

4. Dust on, brothers and sisters. Dust on.

And don't worry, Cuban's on regular social media as well. That's where he puts is REAL heat:


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