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The Orioles are giving away Hawaiian shirts, but only if you're old enough

Must be 15 years or older!

Here we are in the heart of baseball season where sunny afternoons are filled with pop flys, 7th inning stretches, and GAME GIVEAWAYS! From bobbleheads and rally towels to free hot dogs and posters, game night giveaways are always a special treat. With that being said, the Baltimore Orioles have really gone and done something interesting here. They're giving away Baltimore Orioles themed Hawaiian shirts with a slight disclaimer: YOU MUST BE 15 YEARS OLD TO RECEIVE.

I have no idea why you need to be 15 to receive this magical shirt but I'm sure there is logical reason out there. If you live anywhere near Baltimore and are legally 15 years of age or older, I hope you will head over to Camden Yards and snag one of these. To be fair, the Orioles have a ton of fun giveaways coming up, including a clothes hanger and bucket hats.