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J.J. Watt meets Vince Wilfork's daughter, makes her year

Moving is hard for any kid, even if your dad is an NFL star. Vince Wilfork's daughter had to adjust to life away from New England when her dad signed with the Houston Texans, but one person made it easier -- J.J. Watt. This photo was posted on Bianca Wilfork's Instagram page (Vince's wife) and explained what the meeting meant to their family.

"Destiny was not happy about moving .... Until she realized @justinjames99 played for @houstontexans she said daddy if we move to Texas and you sign this contract you have to have JJ Watt over for a BBQ and I have to meet him.... He sent her a special video to hold her over and today her wish came true ! Thanks @justinjames99"

Watt's smile is almost as big as Destiny's, and that's what makes this photo all the more awesome.

h/t ESPN

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