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Michael Jordan says 'no question' he'd beat LeBron 1-on-1 in his prime

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Michael Jordan did a Q&A at his Flight School camp this weekend, and he got asked the question. You know the one — because it's in the headline and because we can't avoid talking about it.

"I know this is the ESPN question. I know it's gonna be all over ESPN."

You can see on his face he knows this ends all over the Internet, but MJ is a good sport.

"If I was in my prime, could I beat LeBron in a one-on-one game?"

There's the setup. NOW DROP THE MIC, MICHAEL.

"No question."

The trollface smile is perfect, and Jordan follows with a caveat.

"And he's going to say no question!"

See here Michael Jordan actually makes a great point in the MJ vs. LeBron debate. They're both going to say they're the best — and there's no way to actually ever answer it. So just smile and say something entertaining!

Anyway. We're going to talk about this forever, right? That's fine. It's fine! Just don't be a human idiot who thinks MJ could beat LeBron in 1-on-1 TODAY. That's ridiculous.

Here's the full video from Bay Area HQ

(via everyone on the Internet)

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