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The NHL is having a Mighty Ducks movie night with no Mighty Ducks movie

Hey, nice! The NHL Network is gonna air a beloved hockey movie! Let's all tune in and watch togeth--

... oh:

... so yeah, it's a BYO movie night. Fire up your VCR! The NHL would also like to invite you over for dinner. Just go cook yourself some dinner or get it from a take-out place, then bring it over.

It's OK, though. This isn't so bad. If you don't already own D2 yourself (interesting that they chose the second installation of the trilogy) and don't intend to buy it or borrow it before Thursday, I'm happy to share the following viewing options:

- SB Nation's Ryan Nanni will Periscope himself acting out the full screenplay -- doing voices for each character -- at exactly 7 p.m. ET on Thursday. He doesn't know yet that he agreed to do this, so please tweet at him about it.

- My one-man stage production This Duck Flies Alone will show at the same time, Broadway venue TBD.

- Honestly, it'll probably be on TV somewhere.


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