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ESPN's Cris Carter says Geno Smith getting punched shows 'lack of leadership'

Geno Smith will miss the next six to 10 weeks because a since-released teammate punched him in the face and broke his jaw. You know whose fault this is according to the convoluted logic of NFL people? That's right: Geno Smith's:

Carter freely admits to not knowing what happened -- and no one does right now! -- but there is a bit of context in the early rumors about the "sucker punch":

So, like, if you wanna say getting in finger-facey altercations with teammates demonstrates bad leadership, you still sound dumb, but sure.

But bad leadership for putting himself "in harm's way" and getting his jaw broken in two places because some other dude snapped and punched his face? That's such stereotypical NFL dumb-assery that I checked like four times to make sure this was real.

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