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Cowboy receivers practice while wearing bags on their head

If you thought the virtual reality system the Cowboys were using was impressive, you're going to be blown away by their latest invention.

This new technology could be what sets the Cowboys apart from the rest of the league this year, and just goes to show that Jerry Jones is once again willing to spare no expense when it comes to seeing his team be successful. The details on the science behind this invention are sketchy, and it does not appear they have filed for a patent on it yet.

Without being able to really dive into the engineering behind this modern marvel, we are left only to guess at their secrets, which is exactly what we'll do.

To the untrained eye, it would appear they are using a mesh laundry bag similar to the one shown above. Obviously, this must not be the case, but it is possible they've incorporated some structural ideas from this. Here's what we're thinking:


Although it appears to be a standard sized ball bag, there has to be more than meets the eye. It is more likely that this is ten miles wide with most of it being invisible and unnecessary.


Fresh lettuce. Don't know why. Just a guess.

Material of Construction

The finest spider silk in all the land. Probably from a deadly spider whose venom was sucked out of it by Jerry Jones himself. Again, only the finest.


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