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We tried to draw Tom Brady like a court reporter, and it was really hard

Tom Brady's courtroom sketch was hilarious. We all had a good laugh. It looked nothing like Tom Brady, and that's what made it so endearing.

This got us thinking: How much better could we do, really?

To this end, SB Nation's writers and editors took the "Brady Challenge." You have one minute to sketch a picture of the Patriots' quarterback. We figured this was roughly the amount of time a courtroom artist has to sketch an individual.

We learned it's really difficult.

Elena Bergeron

Seth Rosenthal

Pete Volk

Mark Hinog

James Dator

Brian Floyd

Matt Watson

Jason Kirk (used color, which was against the rules ... but it was too pretty to ignore)

Bill Hanstock

Kurt Mensching

Grant Brisbee

Louis Bien

Michael Katz

Travis Hughes (made his in Snapchat, but we'll allow it)

Justin Bopp

Now it's your turn. One minute, one Tom Brady sketch. Show us what you've got, Internet!


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