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A mysterious yellow parakeet showed up at the Mets game


The Mets made a raccoon friend last month, and now they've got a bird friend:

For reasons unknown, a bright yellow parakeet -- IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOUR PET PARAKEET ESCAPED PLEASE CONTACT THE METS -- appeared behind home plate at Citi Field on Wednesday night, hanging out on some netting until a foul ball displaced him. As Gary Cohen pointed out, the bird appeared while Yoenis Cespedes was at the plate, and closely resembled Cespedes' arm band. Yoenis predicted this whole thing:

Yo ... try wearing a black and white armband next time and see if a penguin shows up.

Anyway, the Mets scored three runs and won after the appearance of the parakeet, so RALLY BUDGIE is in effect.