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Goldfish are stereotyped as the do nothing pet. They just chill in the tank -- feed them and it's all good. But apparently goldfish can be athletes. APPARENTLY we have been underestimating the awesomeness of fish.

One trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco blew everything out of the water. Pun intended. Fish can play soccer.

A lady used a stick-type feeding device to lure the fish toward a small soccer ball, and this goldfish actually nudged the ball toward the goal.

Further YouTube research proved that fish playing sports IS A THING. And has been since 2008.

There is a fish school. You can buy a sports kit and teach your fish to play basketball, football and soccer. In the video above, a guy in a white lab coat vouches for it. The video of the fish looks slightly fake, but there are multiple other videos with 100,000-plus views.

If a goldfish can play soccer, then truly anything is possible.