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Trent Richardson probably had a perfectly good reason for running away from that hole, jerks

Trent Richardson has not had the NFL career everyone thought he would coming out of college. The first-round pick has spent time on multiple teams, and is now playing for the Oakland Raiders. Friday night, in a preseason game, Richardson performed his patented "run away from the hole the line has opened and into a group of people trying to tackle you" move.

Thinking maybe that's a picture taken at an angle to make it look worse than it was? Well, it's not.

Raiders fans aren't happy because they want a strong running game. Football fans aren't happy because Richardson was so much fun to watch at Alabama and hasn't replicated it in the NFL. Maybe we're the ones who are wrong though.

This isn't the first time he's done this, so maybe he knows something we don't. Clearly he has to have a reason for repeatedly trying this.

1. Those really are his friends and he wants to say "hi" to them


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Just because a lot of us are introverts, that doesn't mean Trent has to be. He appreciates the hard work his linemen are putting in and he wants to tell them thank you. Even if that means risking getting tackled. Trent is just a good friend.

2. He doesn't know he has the ball

Maybe he thinks one of the guys in the pile has the ball and he's going to tell them about the giant gaping hole that will surely lead directly to the end zone. "Hey! Guys! Over here! I found the place where we're supposed to go! Quit wrestling with each other and come over here so we can get off the field and get some Capri Suns!"

3. There is a bomb in the middle of that pile that only Trent Richardson can disarm

Winning isn't everything, especially when the fate of the world is at stake. Trent is a selfless man, willing to sacrifice stats and victories for the good of mankind. Thank you, Trent Richardson. Thank you for saving us.

4. The end zone has cooties

Can't blame the guy if that's the case.

So quit assuming you know everything about football and making fun of a nice guy who doesn't want cooties and just saved your life.

* * *

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