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Eagles and Cowboys fans team up to support family of deceased pilot

Very cool story.

Eagles fans and Cowboys fans do not get along, and that's probably putting it lightly. They're involved in one of NFL's most bitter rivalries. But there comes a time when sports take a backseat to real life. Recently, Eagles and Cowboys fans teamed up to make a positive difference in the lives of a deceased pilot's family. As detailed on Bleeding Green Nation:

Fans from both sides of the bitter NFL rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have teamed up for a great cause. A total of over $4,000 has been donated to the family of a banner pilot who died in a plane crash earlier this month.

It's interesting how this donation effort came about. Let's recap. It all started when a group of Eagles fans decided to raise money to fly a plane over Cowboys training camp practice with a banner reading "We Got DeMarco". Cowboys fans then responded with a fundraiser of their own, one which Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy supported by contributing his own money. The plane hired by Cowboys fans flew a banner reading "We Still Dem Boyz. #SacksComin" over the Eagles' open training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, Aug. 9. It was embarrassing for Cowboys fans, however, because the plane interrupted the National Anthem during Military Day at Philadelphia's home field.

The Eagles' plane was scheduled to fly over Cowboys practice later on that Sunday, but it never happened. Reports emerged that a plane crash occurred at the airport where the Eagles fans' banner plane was scheduled to take off. It was originally thought that the "We Got DeMarco" plane crashed, but it turned out that the Eagles fan who organized the fundraiser (@TheMightyEROCK) was not connected to the tragedy. Instead, it was a different banner plane that crashed.

Despite this, Eagles and Cowboys fans obviously still felt terrible for the pilot who lost his life. So they teamed up and used money from their banner fundraisers to support the family of the deceased pilot.

It's really cool how two rival fan bases teamed up to help complete strangers in need. Well done, Eagles and Cowboys fans.