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Please put down your child if you're going to catch a baseball

Monday night's Angels-White Sox game could've had a bad-moment-gone-worse thanks to this baseball dad, who, with his child in his arms, almost flipped over a fence to get a home run ball:

I am not a parent, but I do know that this is not good parenting. Like, both he and his kid almost tumbled head first over the fence to get that ball. I don't want to imagine what would've happened if he got fully flipped over it.

Lest we forget, here are kind of better, yet still perilous, ways to function like a baseball dad. Again, these are still perilous, even though they didn't have a fence they needed to flip over:

And these commentators understand how bad this looked:

It's all right to be a huge baseball fan, but please don't put your loved ones in harm's way while doing so.

(h/t/ Uproxx and For The Win/USA Today)


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