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Vince Wilfork sweats so much, it literally bubbles out of his shoes

You might want to change your socks, Vince.

Vince Wilfork is a 6'2, 325-pound mountain of a man. Naturally he sweats a lot. He sweats even more while going through training camp practices in the summer heat of Houston, and it turns out a lot of that sweat ends up in his shoes.

A whole lot of it.

Yeah, Wilfork sweats so much that the sweat literally bubbles out of his shoes when he takes a step. Brian Cushing was nice enough to offer some advice and suggest Wilfork bring a second pair of shoes out for practice.

Wilfork seems to have his own method for keeping his feet in shape.

He needs to keep his feet in top shape so he can keep hitting jumpers like the 'modern day Jordan.'