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Jamaal Charles believes he is the LeBron James of football

You can understand why some athletes talk themselves up. Being adored and admired by many has eventually gotta go to your head, right? Let's take Jamaal Charles for example. We aren't denying that Charles is an outstanding running back, but is he on par with LeBron James when it comes to being a superstar?

Well, according to Terez Paylor of The Kansas City Star, Charles believes comparing himself to James just makes sense:

"Sometimes I feel like I'm the LeBron of football because I can do so much."

Hmmm. Like, he knows LeBron is really, really good and wins things, right? That's a big call considering he is yet to reach a Super Bowl let alone winning a championship. But still, can't hate on a man who's confident.

Or, maybe he was just referring to this:



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