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Insane stunt rider rides motorcycle ON A WAVE

Robbie Maddison is clearly awesome and maybe crazy.

What you are seeing there is exactly what it looks like: a human being riding a dirt bike on a wave. Like, a wave of water in the ocean. I can barely keep a dirt bike upright while standing still with both feet on the ground. Now the question is, where does it rank among these other awesome feats of doing crazy stuff on motorcycles?

For instance, here's Nick de Wit flipping over an airplane.

This guy avoided cops on his motorcycle in pretty impressive fashion.

I'm thinking the official rankings go:

  1. Wave riding
  2. Cop avoiding
  3. Plane flipping
Probably would have gone with the high speed chase first overall but my mom would not have been happy with me selecting an attempt to escape the police. There's also the fact that one false move for Maddison today could have resulted in him drowning or getting eaten by a shark. Everything about this stunt is ridiculous.


SB Nation presents: It's a good thing a shark didn't show up during the stunt