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Jim Harbaugh and Nicki Minaj totally agree on the state of Michigan

Where does it end?

So Drake Jim Harbaugh is turning out to be a heavy bandwagon tweeter (for a 51-year-old college coach, that is). Come to think about it, scrap that, the dude tweets like our Dad.

Here he is once again sucking up to a hip-hop artist over the world wide web. Yes ,yes, Nicki Minaj MAY retweet you, but you're looking awfully needy there Jimbo. Ease up, son!

Upon further review, Harbaugh doesn't appear to follow Ms. Minaj, which begs the question, does he search Michigan on Twitter?

Even weirder, he found time to follow Ciara and ASAP Rocky, which is odd considering his fun interaction with Lil Wayne:

Enough is enough.


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