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If you live in the Philippines you can now dunk on LeBron James' face

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It's one thing to be dunked on by LeBron James, but how about making a dunk on HIM?

Turns out that may now be an achievable goal for those living in the Philippines.

The Cleveland Cavalier arrived Friday to a warm and loud reception from thousands of locals who waited for hours to see him. The visit also included the unveiling of a basketball court emblazoned by Nike with the the four-time MVP's image.

From James' instagram:

Visited this amazing place in Manila today. An abandoned parking garage that's been taken over by more than 5,000 displaced family members. This basketball court is its heart and soul, and if it weren't for basketball giving the kids a distraction from the bad influences around them the state would tear it down. Honored to have my likeness grace this space. Until next time Philippines. #RiseAboveAll #StriveForGreatness

He expressed at the event how much he appreciated everybody coming together and was grateful to be such an inspiration.

"Of course it's humbling to know that you're inspiring people all over the world, all the way to your homeland. I'm also grateful... It's a really cool thing that they would do something like that in their home and allow me to be an inspiration to them. Hopefully I can stay there forever and make my mark here but to be there today and to see those kids, all those families. To have that sense of hope and bringing that hope. They all need each other to be great and they're definitely going there"

James even spent time on his trip watching local kids perform shooting drills.