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John Cena says 'DeflateGate' investigation is a waste of tax dollars

ESPN is covering the WWE SummerSlam being held Sunday at Barclays Center, Brooklyn and naturally, wrestling pro John Cena made an appearance promoting the event.

Being a sports network, it wasn't too long before the talk turned to the Patriots, and more specifically, "DeflateGate."

Cena you see is an avid Bostonian and New England fan, and was quick to make his stance on the matter heard loud and clear:

"Let your accomplishments speak for yourself. There is no better argument to any speculation than to go out there and just kick some ass. You are great; you are part of a great organization that prides itself on trying to create a dynasty atmosphere. ... Stay the course, keep doing well, and years from now we'll just wonder why we spent federal tax dollars investigating deflated footballs."

Well then.

While we commend him for his passion, perhaps it's best Cena just sticks to what he's good at.