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Barack Obama explains how Derek Jeter stole money from him in golf

Model citizen and baseball hero Derek Jeter pulled off a heist. Per a Politico report, Jeter robbed the leader of the free world -- President Barack Obama.

Obama recently recalled the incident from last November when he says Jeter partnered up with well-known political donor Michael Greenspun, and scammed him.

"He and Derek Jeter stole money from me at Shadow Creek," Obama said of Greenspun, referring to the course in North Las Vegas. "It was clearly a set up, because when we got to the practice range, he was shanking balls everywhere. I said, ‘You play golf, Derek?’ And he said, ‘I just started two weeks ago.’"

"Clearly a set up," eh? Maybe Jeter and Greenspun were just trying to reenact White Men Can't Jump on the course. But Obama should've known better. The Yankees legend has his own charity golf tournament, and his own golf coach.

Fortunately, Obama is a great sport and they all had a good laugh about it.

"We had to take a picture of me handing Derek Jeter money at the end of the game. Despite that, Brian is a great friend."

Words of advice to Mr. President: Do a little research before you lay down the cash, and whatever you do, do NOT try to bet Donald Trump -- can't see that ending well.