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Kobe Bryant and Shaq share regrets over their feud

"I was an idiot when I was a kid."

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal have had a famous feud since playing together on the Lakers. Even recently, Kobe's taken friendly verbal shots at Shaq. But next Monday on Shaq's podcast "The Big Podcast With Shaq," Kobe will be a special guest, and it seems like they will finally settle their differences.

Serena Winters over at Lakers Nation recorded the teaser audio that dropped on ESPN Radio, wherein Shaq's co-host John Kincade asked both him and Kobe about having any regrets.

Here's a transcript, courtesy of Lakers Nation:

John Kincade: Is there anything, Shaq, that you would like to take back in the give and take over the years?

Shaq: A lot of things, you just played the clip where I said I wanted to be traded. I definitely did not want to leave L.A., but you know that’s how you’ve got to talk when you’re in business, especially when you think you’re in control. Definitely didn’t want to leave L.A. A lot of stuff was said out of the heat of the moment. I guarantee I don’t remember a lot of stuff that they said because I changed my thought process of, you know what we won three out of four, what the hell are you all talking about, this is not really even a story.

Kincade: Anything you want to take back Kobe?

Kobe Bryant: Here’s the thing though, when you say it at the time you actually mean it and then when you get older you have more perspective and you’re like holy s***, I was an idiot when I was a kid. To me, the most important thing was really just keep your mouth shut. You don’t need to go to the press with stuff. You keep it internal and we have our arguments and our disagreements, but I think having our debates within the press was something I wish would’ve been avoided, but it did kind of create this whirlwind around us as a team with myself and Shaq and the press and the media that just put so much pressure on us as an organization.

It sounds like both Kobe and Shaq have thought about their professional and personal relationship for a long time, and have gotten wiser since. There will definitely be more to come when the episode is released.

(via Lakers Nation)

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