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Pro golfer tries to hit out of a pond, fails miserably and ends up a muddy mess

Professional golfers are so good they make nearly every shot look easy. That sometimes includes hitting shots out of the water. Except, that is actually really hard. Sometimes the best move is just to take the drop. Peter Malnati found out the hard way during a Tour event.

Strategically, Malnati should have definitely taken the drop. He went on to make a seven on the Par 3. But from an entertainment standpoint, him not taking the drop turned into pure gold.

Malnati didn't attempt another shot out of the water and mud. Instead, he finally decided to take that drop and had to walk back up the fairway a muddy mess.

The sequence of photos from Steve Dykes of Getty Images sums up the situation perfectly.

Golf smaller

All that for that, indeed.