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Donald Trump denies he wants to buy the Pope's favorite soccer team

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Donald Trump is getting a lot of exposure lately, mainly because he's trying to run for president and becoming more appealing while doing so. But at the core he's a businessman, and according to the New York Post, he apparently wanted to buy Pope Francis' favorite soccer team:

The Post has learned that the GOP front-runner is looking to buy Argentina’s Club Atletico San Lorenzo di Almagro, best known for running the San Lorenzo soccer team of which Pope Francis is an avid fan.

Indeed, the Pope's a big fan, as seen in San Lorenzo's Twitter photo of him holding up the logo in 2013:

However, Donald Trump went on Twitter to deny this:

There are a couple reasons why, in a parallel universe, he could have wanted to buy the the team:

Alas, Trump does not know what San Lorenzo is, and he never wanted the team in the first place. But there is a neat soccer pun from the now-debunked report:

"Obviously for (Mr. Trump) it would be a great goal!" said the source, who cautioned that "for the moment, it is only the first phase."

(via New York Post)