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The U.S. Open women's final sold out before the men's because Serena Williams is life

A report from AP demonstrates that Serena Williams' talent is worth its weight in gold. This year the U.S. Open women's finals tickets sold out before the men's tickets did. Tournament officials said this is most likely the first time this has ever happened.

Serena is chasing all sorts of records as she competes in the U.S. Open in New York:

  • She's playing for her 22nd Grand Slam singles title in the upcoming U.S. Open in New York. That would put her in a tie with Steffi Graf for the career record in the Open Era.
  • She's playing for her fourth Grand Slam in a single season, which no woman has done since Graf in 1988.
  • She's playing for a fifth consecutive major -- no one has achieved this in the U.S. Open era since Graf in 1989.

Basically what this means is that -- as most of us already know -- Serena is nothing less than amazing, and her impact on the sports world is larger than life.

Per ESPN, even the ticket resale values are out of the ordinary. Currently, the resale price difference between men's and women's finals tickets is a mere $38 -- the lowest since 2012 when the men's tickets were reselling for $150 more than women's tickets.

The women's and men's finals will be held on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13, respectively.