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Dangerous bush league tackle sparks brawl between Ravens and Washington

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A brawl erupted between the Baltimore Ravens and Washington when linebacker Keenan Robinson picked up receiver Kamar Aiken and drove him into the ground head-first in a bush league tackle that could have seriously injured the receiver. Robinson's tackle was completely uncalled for. He already had the receiver wrapped up, and there was no need to drive his head into the ground, especially during preseason.

It's rare that a fight in the NFL can be justified, but this was justifiable. The tackle was disgusting, and the Ravens were right to step in.

Steve Smith Sr. quickly became involved when the veteran receiver defended his teammate and fought with cornerback Chris Culliver. Both players were ejected.

The fight wasn't confined to the players as John Harbaugh crossed the field to confront Washington head coach Jay Gruden about the actions of his players.

Ravens fans gave Smith a standing ovation for standing up for his teammate.

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