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John Harbaugh goes off on reporter for halftime interview questions

The Harbaughs are a notoriously temperamental bunch, so this halftime interview by John Harbaugh probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Hard to be sure what kind of questions Harbaugh would have been happy with, considering the reporter asked about all the major storylines from the first half of the game. John was probably still upset about the bush league tackle and ensuing fight that had occurred, but still...

Perhaps he wanted to discuss quantum physics or the various phases of the moon. Could be he was looking to discuss some unresolved issues from his childhood, a memory where Jim was shown favoritism by their parents making John feel like nothing he did would ever be good enough. If that's the case then we're sorry for calling you mean, John. We had no idea what you were going through.

Of course, maybe he wanted to discuss his thoughts on politics and Donald Trump some more, but we're all pretty glad the reporter didn't take him down that road.

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