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DeSean Jackson completes Washington's banner weekend with horrible sexism

A photo posted by Desean Jackson (@0ne0fone) on

It's been a banner week for Washington. Nobody can decide if Robert Griffin III is done. A nasty tackle sparked a fight against the Baltimore Ravens and DeSean Jackson is saying vile, stupid, sexist crap on his Instagram account.

Washington's PR department must be on fire right now. That's the only possible excuse for why this still exists on his account. If there's one saving grace it's that this is an isolated incident and no other NFL players would dare to approve of this garbage.

Certainly not New York Giants safety Brandon Meriweather.


Or New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Browner (who deleted his response).

A lot of the responses said something like "don't post" or "don't send." I'm of the opposite opinion. Let these be sent. Let's see all these posts and make sure we know who posted them. These people deserve to be recognized, and not in a positive way.

(h/t @katienolan)