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Weepy Hulk Hogan begs for forgiveness, says racist slurs were not actually racist

Vice presidential candidate Hulk Hogan appeared on Good Morning America on Monday morning to beg the American public for forgiveness and declare that he is not, in fact, a racist.

"I'm not a racist," Hogan told host Amy Robach. "I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I'm embarrassed by it."

He continued:

"Oh my gosh, please forgive me. Please forgive me. I'm a nice guy. It's not the Hulk Hogan that rips the shirt off and bang-bang-bang slams giants. You know, I'm Terry Bollea, I'm just a normal man."

"Everything I've done my whole career, my whole life, was like it never happened. Yeah, like I'd never existed. Oh my gosh, it was devastating."

At one point, Robach asked Hogan if he inherited racial bias from his childhood. He said yes and appeared to be on the verge of an interesting point about his upbringing in South Tampa, but then backtracked, arguing instead that his use of racial slurs was merely a bad habit from his childhood, when he and friends -- both black and white, he says -- used such language. He's not a racist, Hogan is arguing: he just grew up in a world where racial slurs didn't carry negativity.

"If everybody, at their lowest point, was judged on one thing they said, and all of a sudden your whole career was wiped out today because of something you said 10 or 20 years ago," Hogan said, "It'd be a sad world. People get better, every day. People get better."

(via Cageside Seats)