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Cristiano Ronaldo did soccer tricks for unsuspecting people while dressed as a bum

The Real Madrid superstar provided another highlight, this time off the field

One thing Cristiano Ronaldo has over Lionel Messi is mastering the art of disguise. In a video released in full Monday after we saw glimpses of it back in January, the Real Madrid superstar was filmed in Madrid earlier this year dribbling a soccer ball as a mysterious, bearded vagabond. Suffice to say, no one in Spain's capital expected this on that day, and some notable highlights were produced from this hilarious, unexpected event.

The woman turning down disguised Ronaldo.

If she watches this video, she will at least be able to say she turned down Cristiano Ronaldo. Not many women can say they've done that.

Cristiano Ronaldo is quite the comedian when he wants to be.

Yelling out "so tired" in public while lying on the ground is a showman of the highest order.

People in Madrid are pretty friendly.

Madrid is a city that lives, breathes and loves soccer, so anyone showing skill will draw some crowd. Still, it was nice to see no one was disparaging the wannabe bum.

The kid probably had the greatest day in his life. And definitely in his soccer life.

An athlete can never go wrong making a kid's entire day or childhood by being cool and kind.

Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise is as good as Cristiano Ronaldo NOT in disguise.



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