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WNBA star does the Nae Nae with Wizards mascot, then shoves it to the ground

The Nae Nae is still a really hot dance in the sports world. This time, Stefanie Dolson of the Washington Mystics did a Whip/Nae Nae battle with the Wizards' G-Wiz at the Wizard Girls auditions. There's some bonus Harlem Shaking* at the end, too!

I'm not sure why Dolson decided to push G-Wiz at the end. But maybe it was because G-Wiz knew it had lost and Dolson wanted to pour salt on its already-wounded dancing soul. Poor G-Wiz, it's probably still sad that the Wizards had G-Man go on a submarine with it.

*At least I think that's the Harlem Shake. If it's not, then I don't know my dance moves as well as I thought I did.

(h/t For The Win/USA TODAY)