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Tom Brady doesn't like nubby footballs and 5 other things we learned from his DeflateGate appeal

Tom Brady is at the center of one of the longest-running ball jokes in the history of time right now, and it does not appear to be stopping any time soon. Brady's appeal hearing as part of the "DeflateGate" controversy lasted 10 hours, and the entire transcript was made public on Tuesday. We've heard about the phone destruction, but here is what else came out of it.

1. Tom Brady's lawyers used the "BUT HE ONLY GOT IN THIS MUCH TROUBLE" defense

2. Brady denies any wrongdoing

3. Brady hurt his credibility in the eyes of Ted Wells

4. Brady does care about some aspects of the ball-preparation process

5. Ted Wells got paaaaaaaaaaaaid

6. Brady really didn't want to talk about how he decided what he wanted the balls inflated to

And then Reisner asked again why Brady picked 12.5 PSI.

"We looked in the rule book," Brady said.

And then, one more time, Reisner asked Brady why he picked 12.5 PSI.

"I don't know exactly how we did it," Brady said. "I don't remember how we came to that other than the experience I had in the Jet game when they were grossly overinflated and then they showed me the rule book or the copy of the page in the rule book. And I said, why don't we just set them here, 12.5, and not think about it ever again."

Reisner then posed the obvious question that Brady apparently didn't want to directly answer: "Did you pick 12.5 because it was toward the lower end or the lower end of the permissible range?

The longer this story goes on, the further it seems from over. Maybe one day we will get to the bottom of what happened to Tom Brady's balls.

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(via Pro Football Talk)