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Shane Victorino crashed into and broke the dang outfield wall in Oakland

An outfielder crashing into and breaking a wall is not a new phenomenon in baseball. White Sox minor leaguer Rodney McCray is probably the most famous example, but it's happened on multiple occasions. Typically it happens in minor league parks with low budget walls, not in fancy Major League parks worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Then there is Oakland.

That section of the wall covers temporary seats that are moved in for Oakland Raiders games. The Raiders played on Sunday, making for a quick turnaround for the grounds crew and apparently one piece wasn't fully secure. Victorino crashed into the wall innocently enough, and it was hardly his fault the piece came lose, but he didn't help matters either.

While waiting for the grounds crew to arrive, Victorino took a look at the dislodged piece and after tugging on it, the piece with from this:

Victorino 1

To this:

Victorino wall 2

Not cool, Shane. Not cool.

It turned out the problem was more complex than slapping some duct tape on the wall and the game was actually delayed for 10 minutes while workers tried to reattach the broken panel. Eventually the panel was fixed and the game proceeded without issue.

The real lesson here is don't ever let Shane Victorino help you with your home improvement projects.